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iLiv is a supplier of contemporary interior fabrics. We operate by the principles of unique design and northern values of honesty and value for money. The huge number of fabric ranges on our website extends across all areas of the home, including bedding, curtains, cushions, fabrics, rugs, throws, wall art and wallpaper. We offer complementary designs which have been envisaged to work together in an individual, aesthetically pleasing way, bringing the style of magazines and interior designers to the masses at price ranges that are hugely affordable.

If you’re stuck for ideas in terms of renovating and replacing the fabrics and interior textiles of your home then our website is packed to the rafters with ideas from iLiv’s expert designers – their ideas for homes which are as beautiful as they are functional have never been easier to achieve. Our collections page showcases ranges which are grouped by style and theme and are accessible to all. For those wanting something a little bit more esoteric and self expressive, we have our bespoke design service, which allows your room to be every bit as individual as you are. See what we can offer in this area in our gallery section and be inspired by the colour and pattern combinations which are possible with iLiv fabrics.

It is our firm belief that affordable style should not compromise on design quality – and that designer fabrics should not forego affordability. Explore the iLiv website to see this fabric philosophy in action, and read our articles to discover more.