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Bedding for kids bedrooms

iLiv offer a range of fantastic looking bedding for kid's bedrooms that helps add a real sense of character and theme to a children’s room.

Our collections for children include the ‘Pirates for Life for Me’ and ‘Birdhouse’ collections – both of which feature lively homeware and fabrics that co-ordinate to create striking themes. The bedding within these collections is made of high quality fabric that proves durable yet comfortable – perfect for use in children’s bedrooms.

The bed is usually so the centre-piece of any child’s bedroom, so we understand the importance of making sure it is attractive and something children will love snuggling up in. Alongside our collections created just for children, we also offer bedding in many other different styles and patterns, some of which your children will be bound to love – particularly if they have a favourite colour or pattern.

To learn more about our bedding, visit the bedding section within the products area. And remember to take a look at the many complimentary fabrics and homeware items we have on offer.