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Childrens Fabrics Suppliers

In a marketplace which is heavily centred around adults updating their home décor through the browsing of online collections, it’s easy to forget that children need catering for too. They might not control the budget, but they still have a vitally important say in the creation of a great home atmosphere and that starts with exciting, imaginative décor which they’ll love and in which they will feel comfortable.

iLiv is aiming to become a leading supplier of children’s fabrics and our launching point for this mission is our lovable Pirate’s Life for Me range, which transports children into a parallel world where cartoon pirates search for treasure, sail the seven seas, live the life which landlubbers dare not, all captured across thoroughly cute and endearing duvet covers, curtains, cushions, rugs and throws. A makeover is a great way to brighten up any room which is in need of a lift, but when you have the licence to do as you see fit, with the twist of making it suitable for children, you can allow your imagination to run wild.

Our show room design would be a paradise of adventure for a young boy, filling his mind with a sense of creativity and wonder, and that is exactly the exciting feel we were going for with this collection. It is only the first of our children’s fabric collections, but as a supplier we have more in the pipeline which will be launched as soon as possible.

Children are captivated by bright, colourful images and will love the softness and warmth that each piece exudes. These values will be present across all our future collections and we can’t wait to establish ourselves as a high quality supplier of affordable, yet highly desirable, children’s bedroom fabrics across the whole of the UK.