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Flamboyant tropical florals and a contemporary mix of simple floral trails with casual stripes and updated geometrics.
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Our Adara range is a curious mix of the abstract and real life where mathematical and geometric designs, in intricate patterns, meet a variety of floral and naturalistic images which are patterned seamlessly together. With complementing colours surrounding natural tones of peach, green and charcoal, this is a theme which has the very best of all inspiration and meets the demands of most interior decorators.

This collection suits modern homes which still want to retain an air of traditionalism in our design room the full length curtains and striped effects on the walls give off a classic look, whilst the more modern nature of the bed covers and the wood floor help to maintain contemporary themes.

Essentially, Adara is at home in any sort of room and is flexible in its styling thanks to its unique combination of artificial and man made design features. And with the full range being popular on iLiv, its easy to see why this is one of our flagship collections.