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Comprises intricate floral prints, tapestries and embroideries with sumptuous velvets and classic leaf jacquards.
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The Charlton collection offers homeowners the chance to create an atmosphere of sumptuous warmth, where the room is a retreat from the harsh weather outside and it acts as a little bubble from the world. Our design room shows it off in a classic study setting, perfect for reading away from the world, quiet relaxation and enjoying the smaller things in life.

You’ll see that it is a theme that is rich in natural colours – reds, browns, golden yellows and all of them help to create a sort of woodland effect that works perfectly in combination with wood surfaces, whether they be on the wall, as part of a table, dresser or mantelpiece.

This is a classic design which will stand the test of time – you could consider buying into the Charlton collection as something of an investment as it will keep itself on trend for years to come. Classic styling never goes out of fashion and this stately theme will continue to look good for years to come.