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Lustrous colours and textures with subtle textured and metallic plains, ombre jacquards and elegant geometrics
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As its name suggests, Elements is something of a more minimalist collection that goes back to the basics simpler design, a reliance on less frantic geometric patterns and stripes and patterning which have something of a retro feel, but have a resolutely modern twist to them. It strives for a keen, uncluttered look.

Our feature room shows off this uncluttered style by giving distance between features and allowing each pattern to shine and come into its own. This means that the room as a whole has a very distinct feel because of Elements and it focuses around the key areas of the living space.

Overall, Elements appeals to those who prefer a little function with their form their sense of style is reserved, but not muted, and allows the character of the room to come through without being drowned in a sea of overly fussy details and intricacies. Its very much a modern design for forward thinking people.