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In Bloom
Comprises an elegant mix of painterly floral prints with vibrant stripes and silhouette floral jacquards.
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The In Bloom range is an iLiv classic - featuring everything you might desire in a contemporary, modern, spacious home, this is a design where traditional design meets modern vitality in a combination of painterly, quaint floral prints, bringing in a sense of nature and calm, and more vibrant stripes which remind you that this is a collection and a series of designs which does not shy away from bolder, more purposeful fashion statements.

With silhouette floral jacquards complementing the natural feel nicely, In Bloom lives up to the billing of its name as a theme based around the motif and patterns of new life, vibrancy and things beginning fresh and anew, and this is an ethos which runs right throughout the design, from the duvet set to the wallpaper, wall art and the cushions, whether chosen in the popular caramel colouring designs or with the summer brights tones which have a more cooling, refreshing hue and alter the mood of the room slightly.

Perfectly at home in a farm house setting or a collection in a modern flat or maisonette, this is a flexible design which complements the room it is in due to its natural, warm, refreshingly bright qualities. The In Bloom collection is set to become a timeless classic here at iLiv and, as one of our most popular and consistent sellers, it is clear that our customers think so too.