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Shabby Chic
Embracing pretty floral and bird prints, delicate floral embroideries, woven ticking stripes and vintage inspired postcard prints.
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Despite having the word 'shabby' in the name, the emphasis in this design really is on the 'chic', with plenty of retro, kitsch and 50s esque elements to its styling, harking back to a bygone yet clean cut era. The neutral colours are slightly warm yet distinctly feminine and clean - this is a design where the shabby quality can come only through the arrangement and the indie-esque look of some of the features. Very much retro in a self aware way, this is an intelligent choice for those designers who enjoy classic settings and want an adaptable, yet functional, design with a clear feminine twist.

The colours this theme is available in include a choice between a warm, sun-tinted terracotta style and something a little more classic and netural in the eau de nil style, the latter perhaps having a more youthful, vibrant look about it, whereas the terracotta is a little more relaxed and looks excellent in a room which basks in light, like an elevated lounge in a Mediterranean villa.

Featuring little floral prints, motifs of birds and flight, delicately dainty floral embroideries and vintage touches in the form of stripes and postcard prints, this is a collection where classic meets contemporary in a collision of natural based imagery. Always suited to homes with plenty of natural light, shabby chic is a collection which shines to its best under the sun and creates an airy and breezy feel.