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Complementary Fabric Patterns

iLiv provide hundreds of modern fabrics in complementary fabric patterns, with styles ranging from classic floral to shabby chic.

Alongside our huge selection of fabrics, we offer an extensive range of matching homeware accessories, including cushions, rugs, throws, wallpaper and more. Offering a wide range of accessories allows customers to create strong themes throughout their homes.

Our fabrics are typically split into several main collections and then different colour variations, allowing you to choose from a variety of styles but in different tones.

Combining different collections and colours can allow you to come up with some truly eye-catching and unique looks, and is something many of our customers do.

Simply browse our website and products area to get a feel for the different styles and themes we offer. Our product filter system makes narrowing down your search simple whether you want to split all products by style or colour group, there are numerous options to choose from.