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Contemporary Fabrics Supplier

The fabrics world at the minute is full of contemporary fabrics suppliers, but only one stands out above the rest, for supplying high quality, on trend fashionable fabrics at a price that's low enough to be affordable by all, and that's iLiv - the first and last word in the UK and European contemporary fabrics and textiles market.

Featuring everything the budding interior designer could possibly need for a complete home textiles makeover, the iLiv range contains a huge variety of bedding, curtains, cushions, throws, rugs and wall art, each arranged in complementary and matching themes as collections to cater for every taste and every sort of design niche currently popular within the UK market.

And, if that's not enough, then this contemporary fabrics supplier has a bespoke option where you can tailor your design ideas to within an individual inch, ensuring that your room is not duplicated anywhere else, and truly gives your home that sense of original, contemporary style in its fabrics that you have been searching for.

As a reliable contemporary fabrics supplier, iLiv has seen rapid growth and is now continuing to expand its ranges to cater for new trends and fashions within the home fabrics market. Always adapting, our designers are committed to staying ahead of the game when it comes to providing our customers with the next big thing in home textiles and fabrics, keeping the iLiv collections influenced and informed about the mercurial trends of the home textiles market.

From retro to contemporary, it never stops, and neither do we, ensuring we stay at the top of our game as a contemporary supplier of fashionable fabrics.