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Curtain Fabric Wholesaler

If you are a curtain fabric retailer or reseller looking for a reliable brand of quality textiles and fabrics then you will have encountered many promises of excellence and suggestions of quality, yet been ultimately faced with disappointment in terms of quality, numbers, punctuality or other common problems. However, iLiv prides itself on delivering on its promises of high quality and affordable curtain fabrics for retailers which are available wholesale.

As a wholesaler, we ensure our customers are given favourable bulk buy discounts and have access to our newest, most exciting and up to date lines first, allowing you to give the very best to your customers and steal a march on your competition. This idea of a working partnership means you will feel a real part of the evolving iLiv network.

And for those in the market for contemporary and modern fabrics and fabric designs then there is no better firm to be in a wholesale partnership with than iLiv. As the company featuring a stunning range of stylishly elegant contemporary designs which appeal to a wide range of demographics, both young and old, we are right on trend when it comes to our designs, which include a dazzling array of geometric patterns, dotty pastels, textured effect patterns and chintz displays.

These contemporary and fabric designs are all available for immediate despatch for wholesale orders with favourable terms. As they go so well in so many different types of modern rooms, both in spacious homes and more enclosed, less roomy apartments, they are in demand for their versatility and the way they complement a wide range of functional, easy to combine themes within modern living areas.