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Cushion Fabric Wholesaler

If you're a retailer looking for wholesale supplies of cushions or cushion fabric from a reliable, innovative and price leading cushion fabric wholesaler, then you've come to the right place. Here at iLiv, we supply cushion fabrics and coverings either standalone or with a variety of stuffing types to retailers, both online and offline, throughout the UK. Our wide variety of designs and patterns, all carefully co-ordinated and arranged into complementary themes and styles, are tempting and popular purchases with mid-market consumers throughout the country.

Our customers love our fresh, natural looks, our contemporary and fashionable geometric designs, and our ability to seamlessly blend the new and exciting with the classic and timelessly stylish. If you feel like your target market fits this picture, then get in contact today and discuss becoming our newest vendor. As a high quality cushion fabric and cushion wholesaler, we are always looking for new and exciting business opportunities with new stores and outlets, whether online or offline, chain or proudly independent.

Of course, we can make it worth your while in terms of pricing - our bulk and wholesale purchase orders are amongst the most competitive in the business in our area of the market. And we look after those who are loyal to us as a brand. This means that not only will stocking iLiv cushions and cushion coverings enhance the variety of products you sell, but it will no doubt complement the philosophy you are striving for as a retailer. And as a wholesaler who is committed to its retail customers, we will help you every step of the way to ensure our cushion products work for you and your customers.