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Fabric Manufacturer UK

iLiv is a UK fabric manufacturer with a strong and ever growing reputation in the UK for delivering high quality fabrics at affordable prices to customers throughout the country. Based on our principles of contemporary, individual designs that are fun and accessible to everyone, we know that our customers are looking for the highest standards of fabric for the lowest cost possible and we are determined to meet or exceed their requirements.

Our various different sorts of bedding, curtains, rugs, throws, fabric, cushions, wallpaper and wall art are all organized into themed collections, allowing our customers to pick complementary and matching designs to go straight into their home, knowing how they will look and being sure of their compatibility and pleasing aesthetic qualities.

We are constantly updating the stock available on our website and moving with trends, whether seasonal, design updates or by introducing new ranges entirely, iLiv is constantly riding the crest of the wave when it comes to ensuring that our customers have the very latest and greatest products available to them when it comes to fabrics in the UK and being a leading UK fabric manufacturer.

We know that style is never a constant and thatís why we never stand still either. As an innovating fabric manufacturer, we know that customers like to try out different designs and ideas with each other before committing to a purchase, which is why we have launched the Scrapbook feature on our website, allowing customers to bookmark ideas and showcase our best work to those closest to them at a later date.

With easy links to social networks, iLiv is a very modern UK based fabric manufacturer and aware of how trends gather pace and it is something we want to continue to be a part of. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.