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Fabric Suppliers Lancashire, North West

The North West of England has a long and proud tradition of being the home of the UK fabrics industry, with many proud reputations being forged in Lancashire over the last two hundred years.

We have a strong and rapidly growing reputation amongst fabric and textiles retailers in the North West, and especially in and around Blackpool, Wigan and Manchester, for supplying the finest quality home fabrics and textiles to retailers for home consumer purchase.

As experts in our field, we know exactly what styles and fashions in fabrics and homeware are on the rise at any given time and can adapt our product ranges and fashion lines accordingly to suit customer demand, bringing out new designs and styles quickly, ensuring that our resellers and retailers located around the country have access to cutting edge products. This ensures they stay ahead of their rivals, stocking the very best in iLiv's home fabrics and textiles at unbeatable wholesale prices.

We can advise retailers on what is selling and what isn't on a national scale and often ship out new fabric lines to them the same day, as expert suppliers of home fabrics and textiles from the renowned Lancashire and North West region.

People trust our name and our judgement because of our experiences and background in the industry, so if you are looking for a forward-looking and experienced fabric house to supply your fabric sales business, then look no further than the North West's finest supplier of home fabrics and textiles - iLiv - the home of modern furnishings, fabrics and homeware.