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Free Fabric Brochure

Everyone loves something for nothing. But itís even better when that something contains within it a wealth of ideas and designs to help you to create something truly stunning. And thatís what iLivís free fabric brochure helps you to do. Containing all of iLivís high quality, trendy designs, it sets the bar for UK fabric designers and ensures that our customers are getting the very latest and greatest ideas when it comes to redecorating their homes.

If that sounds like it's enough to tickle your fancy, then head on over to our brochure order page where you can specify whether you would like an electronic copy, a physical version or both.

If youíre looking to redecorate your home and you are wanting to see the latest trends and fashions when it comes to curtain, cushion, rug, throw and bedding fabric, then our iLiv free fabric brochure is something of a bible, with all manner of ideas, room styles, finishes and touches contained within it, all guaranteed to get your ideas flowing.

Sometimes it just takes seeing fabrics in combination with other styles, ideas or homeware within a showroom setting to just set off that spark of creativity Ė and all of this is, of course, completely free.