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Free Fabric Samples from iLiv

It is usually universally true that you get nothing for free in this life. And in most areas this stands to reason. But the iLiv free fabric samples service really is just that – totally free! And what’s more it’s completely easy to use and there is no obligation to purchase anything once you receive your sample. We know that many of our customers need to have that sense of tactility when purchasing a fabric and we are happy to satisfy this need, allowing you to manage your home fabrics makeover from the comfort of your own home.

Ordering your collection of free fabric samples from iLiv couldn’t be easier. Simply browse our fabrics page and cast your eye over the many pages of the attractive designs. Then begin clicking on each individual fabric to come to its unique product page. Once there, you’ll see a link labelled ‘add to sample basket’. Once done, you’ll be given options to either ‘place your order’ or ‘return to the product’ to allow you to add more samples to your order. It really is that easy. Select as many or as few as you would like and try them out in your home to your heart’s content. We also recommend adding any of your favourites to your ‘scrapbook’ at the top of the page. That way the ones you’re really keen on are readily accessible later.

Once you’ve decided what you want, simply return to your scrapbook where your items will be saved and you can decide what to order. For your convenience, we also have a ‘find a retailer’ page where you will be able to see where the nearest stockist is of your chosen fabrics. The whole system has been designed with you, the customer, in mind at all times – we do hope you enjoy using it and reap the benefits of our free fabric samples service.