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Free Fabric Swatches Online

If you’re the sort of person who likes to try before you buy then you’ll love iLiv’s free fabric swatches – they are the easiest way to try out fabrics online by having the samples posted straight to your door. We know it can be tricky trying to order fabrics online without having that sense of tactile appreciation of how a fabric will suit your home, yet the internet offers so many conveniences for online shopping it would be unwise to ignore it on the strength of touch alone. So that’s why our swatches feature will enable you to see how fabrics look in person, what they feel like and whether they will suit your existing décor.

It couldn’t be simpler to redesign your home and its fabrics using the inspiration on the iLiv website. Simply browse our fabulous collections and soak up the rich expertise in design which is embedded into every page, then come to a conclusion on which selection of fabrics you like the best – you can pick quite a few! Then add them to your swatch basket and follow the on screen instructions. It’s as simple as that and takes all of the stress out of fabric browsing and buying. Once you’ve decided what you want, simply place your order to turn your selection of online free fabric swatches into a real order that is just right for you and your home.

With the power of the fabric world at your fingertips, why not go shopping for a new home interior and fresh domestic fabrics here at iLiv – where we guarantee you’ll see it, love it and then live it.