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Homeware Ideas

iLiv has homeware ideas and home textile collections to suit all tastes and styles, regularly updated, reworked and relaunched to ensure that the iLiv brand is at the cutting edge of design changes and trends all throughout the year.

Our highly popular blog shares successful ideas for homes of all sizes, tastes and intricacies. Whether you're looking to furnish a small country cottage, a city pied--terre or a large suburban residence, we have collections, motifs, themes and styles to pique your interest and introduce you to the iLiv brand.

From effectively lighting up your home, to creating luxury living for less, to enhancing the atmosphere and spaciousness of smaller homes - we have recently published guides and help to all sorts of customers on our blog, guiding them through some of the complementary and interconnected nature of some of our designs, showing them how they can be expressed to their fullest and most stylish extent.

Themes around places, times of the year or particularly quirky uses of colour are also popular with our readers and we have written guides on how to use these themes within homeware ideas and inspiring interiors.

What must be remembered at all times is to complement and accentuate the natural features of the room you are working in - so your homeware ideas should be based around the principles of light, space and colour. Get these right in combination with each other and the right homeware ideas will be a cinch - it will become one part of the wider tapestry of your home interior project.