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Homeware Wholesale Supplies

Here at iLiv we offer a wide range of homeware wholesale supplies. From our Preston offices and manufacturing facilities, we supply homeware products to hundreds of retailers across the UK and Ireland that end up in the rooms of thousands of different customers.

Our homeware range includes throws, bedding, wallpaper, ready-made curtains and cushions – all of which can be mixed and matched with our huge range of fabrics, which proves a real bonus to customers and an excellent opportunity for cross-selling.

Our products are suitable for use in many different rooms of the house, and our different collections ensure there are styles and designs that will suit all different ages and tastes. Whether someone is looking to bring a relaxed country cottage look to their home, or create an inspiring space for a child’s bedroom, our wide range of choice makes it possible.

All of our products are designed and manufactured with quality in mind – ensuring iLiv retains its reputation as a leading interiors brand that customers love and trust. Thanks to our extensive social media following and regular advertising, our brand and reputation help ensure our product is always in demand.

To discuss how to become an iLiv retailers, and join hundreds of other retailers across the UK who enjoy the benefits of working with us, simply contact us and our friendly team will walk you through the process.