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Jacquard fabrics UK

Jacquard fabrics feature raised patterns that are woven, not printed, onto the fabric. Typical jacquard designs include florals, geometrics and damasks. iLiv offer several collections featuring Jacquard fabrics – the Cotswold, Country Manor, Elements, Charlton and In Bloom collections.

All our collections feature several ranges (different colour-ways), which means we offer dozens of different jacquard styles in total - all of which offer their own twist on the striking appearance of jacquard fabrics. We have close to two hundred different Jacquard fabrics available.

We offer free fabric samples with free UK delivery, allowing you to see and feel the quality of iLiv fabrics in person before committing to any order. When it comes to ordering, we have a network of hundreds of retailers across the UK who can fulfil your order and provides services such as made to measure curtains.

Our fabrics are some of the most popular in the UK, with our talented in-house design team regularly releasing new styles and designs that reflect the latest interior fashions. Tens of thousands of customers have iLiv fabrics in their homes, and their popularity has seen them featured in several publications and TV shows.

Visit our fabrics section and use the ‘Fabric Type’ filter to display Jacquard-only matches.