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Material for making curtains

iLiv offer a thousand different fabrics, in many different colours, patterns and styles, that are suitable as material for making curtains – they can also be used to create roman blinds and for upholstery of cushions, furniture and more.

With dozens of well-known collections, our fabrics can be found in tens of thousands of homes across the UK and further afield – we have several hundred retailers located across the UK who you can visit or order from. We also offer a free sample service (with free delivery) which allows you to see samples of our fabrics in person before committing to any order – so you can be sure you’ve found exactly the right fabric.

We have a talented team of in-house designers that are constantly working on new designs and collections – meaning the fabrics we offer reflect the very latest trends and styles in the marketplace. From classical florals to striking contemporary patterns, we have a huge variety of styles that cater for all tastes.

Many of our retailers offer made to measure curtain services, but equally they can just supply fabric by the metre which allows you to create the curtains yourself. Visit our fabrics section to see exactly what we have available.