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Modern Fabric Suppliers UK

If you want to stand out as a modern fabric supplier in the UK today you need an innovative product range, great communication with your distributor and reseller network, right down to ground level, continually evolving fabrics and great bulk buy value.

These principles are everything which iLiv stands by and works towards developing even further every day. By focusing our energies on continually redesigning and refining our product offering, we ensure that our fabrics are always at the cutting edge of what UK consumers want from modern day fabrics for their homes.

We both evolve to customers’ changing wants and needs, but also come up with innovative trends of our own, leading the way in terms of modern UK fabrics and trends. Whether you’re looking for UK designed curtains, rugs, throws or bedding, there’s plenty of high quality fabrics on offer here at iLiv to suit any mid-level marketplace where savvy customers want a quality product at a reasonable price.

Modern fabrics suppliers in the UK are under pressure to deliver to rightly choosy sellers, independent stores, website, mail order businesses and bulk buying institutions the sort of product which impresses customers at a reasonable price and is backed by a water tight service level agreement which gives them confidence in the product and its ability to support their own business. Of course, we keep this fulfilment at the front of our mind at all times – plus, we work in some of the best bulk buy, retaining, discounting deals to repeat customers and regular supply orders to ensure that our customers stay ours.

We value your business above everything else and will continue to adapt our modern UK fabric supply services day by day to ensure your satisfaction as a retailer and a reseller.