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Modern Interior Decoration

If youíre searching for modern interior decoration with a unique, British twist and clear sense of vibrant, contemporary style, then youíve stumbled onto the right site. iLiv is a UK design company which has a fantastic and constantly growing reputation for delivering innovative, stylised designs to leading chain and independent interiors shops and online retailers throughout the country.

We pride ourselves on combining the best elements of classic interiors design with a modern twist that ensures our interior design collections are widely liked and accessible by everyone.

If youíre seeking to furnish a small flat or cosy townhouse then our Imperio, Seralio and Palladio collections would be just perfect to help you maximise a sense of space without being bland. Whilst those of you with more space to utilise or looking to bring an air of the countryside into your home will be stunned to silence by the beauty of our Shabby Chic, Aquitaine and Henley ranges we have available. Each makes great use of warm, homely colours to create an intimate sense of personalisation whilst still showing off the airy feel which you would not want to compromise in homes of this sort.

Plus, with all of our collections being carefully coordinated, itís easy to find a base colour scheme or pattern that youíd like to base your roomís design philosophy on and build from it. Clicking on the relevant images on our collections page will highlight to you the colours and patterns used. Then clicking on the individual pattern will bring alternative colour choices and other products in the same collection. What could be simpler?

With all of the choices presented to you, itís just down to you to decide which part of iLivís strikingly beautiful product offering is best suited to your home Ė and thatís the most fun part.