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Decorating with the colour of the year

19th August 2014
There’s never been a better time to introduce the PANTONE® colour of the year. Radiant Orchid is a captivating, enigmatic purple, perfect for the end of the summer and start of autumn. Follow our top tips on how to decorate with this attention-grabbing colour.

An invitation to innovate
Radiant Orchid is a harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, which inspires confidence and exudes innovation. No home office or study is complete without a bold colour to help get the creative juices flowing and the colour of the year sets out to do just that. Spruce up a feature wall with Radiant Orchid paint, dress your window with a fuchsia blind or think about introducing the colour with some brazen desk accessories and chair cushions.

A warm welcome
This year there’s been a surge in people using the paint colour bravely for doorways to really make a statement. It looks sensational with a gold Victorian doorbell and knocker and adds vibrancy to ground floor flat doorways.

Liven up your neutrals
Lovers of purple like to think outside of the box, this bold colour can really help liven up neutrals including grey, beige and taupe. Use Radiant Orchid kitchen tiles to brighten a modern, white kitchen or vivid purple dining chairs to bring life to a beige dining room. Don’t just think about it as a bold overpowering colour, it works well as a luxurious patterned fabric for re-upholstering furniture, stand-out bedspreads and lavish curtains. Be inspired by our Piazza Collection.

Subtle but stylish
Not brave enough to go big but want to stay on trend? Simply bring in a few pops of Radiant Orchid to add warmth to your space. For bedrooms, create Hollywood glamour using accessories such as lampshades, rugs, photo frames and shoe boxes to accentuate black, white and grey decor. For the living room add book ends, vases, wall art, wallpaper and cushions to keep it current.

Play with colour cousins
Picture the colour wheel and team Radiant Orchid with softer tones such as a light lavender and pastel pink. Equally use as a counterpoint to strong yellow-green, tangerine or teal for a contrast that works.

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