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Five top tips to create an inspiring child’s bedroom

25th February 2014
When it comes to children, a bedroom isn't just a room. It’s a place to play, learn and sleep easy, somewhere which is unique to them.

At iLiv, we invest time creating themes which help you to inject some of your little one’s personality as well as the iLiv wow! factor. Follow our top five tips below to create a room to be proud of:

1. Children like colour, although their latest colour du jour may not always be an exact extension of your home design concept. Luckily, colour blocking is a fantastic way to incorporate your child’s favourite shade without it compromising the overall design of the room. Paint walls different colours or juxtapose painted walls with a patterned wallpaper, like the Birdhouse Wallpaper from the iLiv Birdhouse collection.

2. Illustrations are another fun way to inject personality. The iLiv ‘Pirate Life for Me’ fabric features fun illustrations of a Treasure Island adventure and will really capture children’s imaginations. Be wary of using popular cartoon characters as they can quickly become yesterday’s news. As with any room in your home, you want your design to be able to stand the test of time.

3. Of course, one of the main challenges you may face is that little personalities change as children get older, and with it so do their tastes. Try using age-appropriate accessories which can be replaced quickly and affordably when children grow out of the original design. Use a variety of distinctive cushions, bed sets, throws, rugs and wall art.

4. Another way of ‘future-proofing’ your child’s room is to mix in a few ‘grown up’ prints and fabrics. Stripes are adaptable and timeless, so try iLiv’s Linear Stripe Wallpaper, Beach Fabric or Candy Stripe Fabric, which comes in a variety of colours. Florals, too, can be adapted for a more mature look; iLiv’s on-trend Maisy Fabric will suit girls of any age.

5. It goes without saying that decorating for children is a great opportunity to get really creative. Create a distinctive look by combining stripes with spots or florals with illustrations, and accessorise to your heart’s content. Have fun with your designs and let your imagination run wild. After all, it’s not every room in your home that can double up as a pirate ship or an enchanted forest.

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