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Get set for a tropical summer

19th June 2014
Kick back, relax and picture a desert island full of bold flowers and fruits, warm sun, bright blue sea and tropical fish. This summer season trend is all about the tropics and you can create the look without even having to pack a suitcase.

Top interior designers across the UK have taken influence from luscious tropical gardens and rainforests by coordinating flashes of bright coloured fabric to create the hottest-looking living rooms, bedrooms and conservatories.

Steal their style by using a kaleidoscopic palette of colours including tropical greens, daring mango, intense fuchsia, hot red, vibrant yellow and turquoise.

The tropical trends also use multi-directional patterns in graphic and painterly styles feature hibiscus, orchids and passion flowers. Leaves are prominent as all over trails or bright plants are brought in to add pops of colour to white or neutral rooms.

Paradise bird imagery on wall art, wallpaper or cushions creates a bold statement look, while tribal inspired patterns influence print, embroidered and crewel work.

For a more subtle use of the trend, use silhouette imagery in key statement colours and neutral shades to balance.

Our top 10 tropical fabrics to inject the tropical trend
1. Adara fabric multi
2. Beach fabric in teal
3. Azari fabric multi
4. Piazza fabric Azure
5. Seralio ocean
6. Etch Azure
7. Zari stripe ocean
8. Fresco burnt orange
9. In bloom summer brights
10. Beach fabric multi

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