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iLiv exhibits in China

27th March 2014
Not content with expanding rapidly into a competitive UK home décor marketplace, iLiv has had international expansion on its mind and this month delivered a highly popular exhibition at the Home Furnishing Expo in Shenzhen, China, with queues often several people deep as local and international buyers clamoured to get a glance at some of iLiv's recent launches and the popular stalwarts of its regular UK range.

With the UK still retaining its international mark of quality overseas, prospective buyers and tradespeople in China clearly saw that mark of superiority in manufacturing and design in the iLiv pieces and in our whole collection as a complementary set of interior décor and furnishing.

Our reputation continues to grow and we look forward to supplying and servicing a whole set of new marketplaces - carrying forward the iLiv brand with pride and aiming to develop our lines with new products, styles and themes for markets with different tastes and requirements, whilst also spreading our firmly developed sense of UK style.

It is always great fun to have your creativity celebrated by others and we are justly proud of the reception we received and what we have achieved so far. As a creative company, we place great importance on continuing to innovate and to stay ahead of the curve of fashion.

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