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iLiv goods up for grabs!

28th April 2014
If you follow our Facebook or Twitter pages you may have noticed some of our recent competitions - we're giving followers the chance to win eye-catching iLiv designs for absolutely nothing at all! Most popular of all have been the Feel Good Friday giveaways where people have recently received rugs and duvet sets for little more than retweeting a link or following a page – what could be simpler?

Of course, if you don’t follow our Twitter page or subscribe to our Facebook feed then you won’t be able to have a chance of winning anything. Sad face. So put that right, make us part of your social media life right now and start sharing – who knows, you could be the next winner of something new to freshen up your bedroom, living room or dining area!

Plus, by following iLiv’s social media accounts you’ll stay up to date with everything we’ve got to offer, so whether you win or not you’ll always know what’s hot in interior design and you’ll be full of ideas of what to do when you next fancy giving one of your rooms a bit of a makeover.

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