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Small design touches that make a big difference

27th August 2014
Ever got the itch to decorate but lack the time and budget for a complete overhaul? Here are our quick-fire ideas to reinvigorate space and add instant style with ease.

Clearing clutter is the first step to achieving a beautiful home, and youíll be amazed by the difference it will make. The best part is, youíre likely to stumble across forgotten items that can add vintage charm and personalised touches.

Paper it beautiful
Use minimum wallpaper to create maximum effect. Cover just one of your walls with a rich patterned wallpaper while keeping the others plain, or make an even bolder statement by adding paper to sections of the space. If youíre lucky enough to have Georgian-style walls, work with the design and paper into the wallís natural panelling. You can use this technique on panelled wardrobes or cupboards too.

Window of opportunity
People often overlook the fact that windows are a key element of a roomís look and feel. Change up curtains to add drama, and donít be afraid to use windowsills to display a few well-chosen accessories. Be careful not to block windows with your furniture as the natural light makes a room look bigger.

Create vibrant new look with accessories like cushions, throws, and rugs for splashes of colour that can easily be swapped as your taste and seasons change. Accessorise in colours which compliment your design (use the colour wheel to help you choose) and vary textures. Use wall art or photo frames to enhance an otherwise plain wall.

Make a statement
Introducing just one statement piece can add a whole new dimension to a room, whether itís an elegant armchair or a stand-out light fitting. Donít think you have to spend a fortune on new furniture. Simply give your living space a fresh feel by experimenting with new fabrics. Re-upholster that bucket chair and titivate your table.

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