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Online Scrapbook Interior Design

iLiv offer an online scrapbook for interior design, allowing website users to easily store all of their favourite fabrics and products. Once all products are stored, users can easily share a scrapbook online through Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Google – you can also email the link to your scrapbook directly to a friend.

Of course, you can also do things the old fashioned way – you can print off your scrapbook and even save it as a PDF document. Better still, once on your scrapbook, you have the facility to quickly search for your local iLiv retailer who will be able to help you with orders for any of your desired fabrics.

Using our scrapbook allows you to build up a collection of ideas and come back to them whenever you have time – so if life gets a bit busy and that spot of redecoration you had planned is put on hold, you can easily come back to your scrapbook and pick up where you left off.

To add fabrics and products to your online scrapbook, simply follow the ‘Add to Scrapbook’ link whilst on any product page. Your online scrapbook information will be stored using cookies – but if you want to ensure the scrapbook is stored permanently, please make sure to register a free member account.