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Rustic fabrics

Rustic fabrics and interiors have soared in popularity over recent years, with people keen to bring a little bit of the outdoors into their homes to create relaxing, stunning looks.

Here at iLiv we offer thousands of fabrics in total, with many of our collections having rustic or outdoor twists. If you're looking to brighten up your living spaces, then one of our collections is bound to have exactly what you need.

From some of our newest collections, including Essence and Forever Spring, to well-established favourites like Cotswold, Moorland, Paradiso and Meadow, we offer that countryside and outdoors feel in a variety of styles and colours. Whether it's bright and boisterous or relaxed and subdued, we've got the perfect style for you.

We offer free samples (with free delivery to UK customers) for all our fabrics, allowing you to see them up close in person before committing to any order. We're confident once you see the quality of our fabrics you'll have no hesitation in making an order from one of the hundreds of iLiv retailers across the UK.

Simply visit our collections area to begin browsing through our offering!