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Textiles Supplier UK

iLiv is quickly making a name for itself as a name to be reckoned with within the fabrics and textiles industry in the UK thanks to its ideal combination of dazzling textile designs, wide degree of choice, middle market appeal and positioning in an ever growing number of textile shops and outlets throughout the UK and online.

Indeed, with our brand name now finding itself within high street stores of considerable reputation throughout the land, we find our business growing and our supply network ever strengthening. This means we are in an ideal position to be the number one textiles supplier in the UK of quality independent fashion designs in an online-driven marketplace.

Our partnerships with our trade customers are also going from strength to strength because of our commitment to ensuring that the textiles we supply as a UK textiles supplier are of the highest quality, feature the most in demand fashions and have the quality and hardiness to ensure that they remain in the best possible condition for years to come. It is this ideal compromise of quality and wear that we aim for as a company with mass market appeal.

Of course, you want to be seen as being on trend and innovative by your customers and visitors, so we know how important it is to all of you to have the latest and most impressive designs in our collection immediately available for your ordering.

Your contact at iLiv will ensure that the designs you require are sent to you as soon as physically possible, guaranteeing your customers the most up to date choice possible from a leading UK textiles supplier.