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Trendy Fabric UK

With over 500 different fabric designs currently available on our website, as of December 2014, and with more being added all the time, there is no better place in the country than iLiv for those looking to source trendy fabrics in the UK.

Whether you’re a budding interior decorator or just looking to spruce up your home a little, iLiv has a huge number of styles, finishes, colours and patterns to choose from, all coming with a mark of assured quality.

Plus, many of our enormous selection of trendy fabrics are available with matching homeware designed to create an effortlessly coherent and cohesive style to your design philosophy. When you view a product’s individual page you will be presented with the same design in alternative colours, if available, and other fabrics and products within the same collection, allowing you to see how your choices may complement each other in a room setting.

The enormous range includes fabrics with contemporary, damask, striped, plain, traditional, geometric, floral, check and chenille design types, whilst the fabrics themselves include those which are printed, plain, embroidered and woven, with other more specialist finishes also sometimes available.

If you have a vision for trendy fabric and making your own design mark, then it’s likely that iLiv will be able to deliver something to help you realise it – all whilst keeping your costs reasonable for such a high quality product.

With new ranges, lines and collections being developed, improved and added all the time, iLiv is an exciting place to be for up-to-the-minute ideas in fabric design and style.