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Trendy Pillow Fabric

Here at iLiv we have over 800 fabrics that can be used for many different purposes – from creating curtains and blinds to upholstering chairs. They can also be used for creating unique, trendy pillows and cushions.

Our extensive range of fabrics, featuring many different themes, colours and styles, ensures that there is something for everyone. From stripes and florals to checks and plains, there are many different options for creating fantastic looking pillows and cushions.

If you prefer ready-made pillows, then we have a large number of these for sale in some of our most popular fabrics.

Whatever you choose, our fabrics will ensure your pillows and cushions look and feel great – helping give your home that trendy, finishing touch.

We’d love to see any of your creations – just visit our Facebook page to show us what you’ve done with your iLiv fabric.