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Wholesale Curtain Fabric

iLiv is a developing brand, but one which is already being recognised for the quality of its curtain fabrics and its ability to supply them quickly and consistently on a wholesale level to suppliers, resellers and distributors throughout the country. We know that reputation is everything when it comes to being trusted as a supplier of wholesale curtain fabric and so we have worked incredibly hard to build up a reputation from scratch as a company that delivers on its promises of innovation, creativity and service in an industry which is both competitive and unforgiving.

Our progress so far is testament to the quality of our products and the strength of the relationships within our continually expanding wholesale curtain fabric supply chain. We have contacts throughout the length and breadth of the country and a presence in a huge and growing number of independent and chain interior design and home décor shops, plus a significant number of online only UK fabrics websites. It is this multitude of outlets that is strengthening the iLiv brand, allowing it to grow, and proving an irresistible temptation to other resellers and fabric distributors to get involved with the iLiv success story.

Indeed, it's a story we are keen to continue writing chapters for. We know that by enshrining our commitments to our suppliers and their needs then our orders book will continue to grow and we will be able to expand, opening up new design lines and developing existing ranges and themes to offer new additions, varieties and patterns to our captive market.

If you're interested in a trade or wholesale curtain fabric account with iLiv, contact us today to discuss just how we can make it worth your while.