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Wholesale Fabric Supplier

Trade customers within the fabric and textiles industry who are looking for wholesale fabric suppliers know the importance of bulk buy discounts, reliable trade website interfaces and high quality customer service for when assistance, at some point, is inevitably needed due to the volume of orders being created. Trade customers trust us, as a reliable, innovating brand within the fabrics and cloth industry, relying on us to deliver sizeable discounts on popular patterns, styles and designs when it comes to bedding, curtains, cushions, fabrics, rugs and all related home furnishings and upholstery.

Our proud Northern heritage harks back to a golden era of textiles making, printing and design in England and we feel the responsibility of history on our shoulders to do that reputation justice. We also know a thing or two about getting value for money and we’re keen to pass on that passion for to our customers, knowing that our trade clients can go on to generate great business opportunities for themselves after receiving trade bulk buy discounts on fabrics with iLiv.

Additionally, we are incredibly passionate about keeping our range up to date and ensuring that it does the design innovation for you - and you, as trade customers, just get to pass on the benefits to your clients and receive their warm thanks. With home improvement shows, magazines and websites showing no slowdown in their meteoric rise over the last few years, it will come as no surprise to trade customers to know that their clients are constantly updating their demands and requirements based upon new trends and tastes that they see on paper and screen.

Join other trade customers across the country and rely on iLiv to get you trade discounts on fashionable home fabrics and textiles that are up-to-the-minute and offer great value for money.