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Wholesale Packaged Homeware Products

If you're a retailer who deals in homeware, home fabrics, decorations or supplies to customers looking at doing home makeovers and home interior design, then you will be interested in iLiv's new range of wholesale packaged homeware products for fabric and homeware retailers.

We have a great range of packaged homeware products, including rugs, bedding, cushions, wall art and curtains, all of which are designed which common themes, patterns and style in mind, allowing you to market specific tastes and styles to your customers and to be aware of what sort of different products you have in store at any one time, so you can ensure you have a variety of different options available for them to choose from.

This also assists you as a retailer as wholesale packaged homeware products allow you to fill your shelves quickly with co-ordinated products. They look good, fit well with each other, and communicate a clear, professional image which can be a real asset to any store. What's more, they are, of course, all iLiv branded products, which shows to consumers that you really are on the ball and on trend when it comes to selecting high quality homeware packaged products for them.

Buying wholesale means you receive a sizeable discount for your bulk purchase and this means you can use the iLiv brand to generate a stronger income stream in your homeware store. Selecting a variety of products from the iLiv range will mean there is literally something for everyone and every type of home in your store, so order a selection of wholesale homeware packages today.