Beautifully Bespoke 
Liberta Vie specialise in bespoke and inspirational roomsets for care communities.
They have two elegant collections; Estila and Motivo, of which ILIV are proud to boast 26 different fabrics across their upholstery and drapery collections.

 Motivo 301

Motivo B301: In Shetland Teal, Shetland Oatmeal, Drift Pistachio

Motivo 302

Motivo B302: In Shetland Burnt Orange, Shetland Chartreuse, Drift Burnt Sienna

Estila B501

Estila B501: In Wentworth Damson, Compose Damson, Essential Damson, Essential Dove

Estila B502

Estila B502: In Wentworth Olive, Compose Charcoal, Elegance Lime, Elegance Silver, Shetland Cloud, Shetland Chartreuse

Estila B503

Estila B503: In Ingleton Linen, Grassington Teal, Leyburn Teal

Estila B504

Estila B504: In Ingleton Linen, Grassington Bordeaux, Leyburn Bordeaux, Shetland Oatmeal, Milan Claret