During 2012, SMD Textiles Ltd, a 30-year-old fabric designer and manufacturer, undertook extensive research into the Interior Textile Market. What did we learn? Nothing surprising! Interior textiles are confusing to shop, there is far too much product and the majority is overpriced!  The supply chain is old fashioned and no one is too concerned about creating partnerships.
In 2013 we founded our brand ILIV and in the following 5 years have launched over 50 collections of beautiful interior textiles and equally beautiful high spec fire retardant textiles for commercial interiors.  All are designed from scratch with a balance of creativity and sound commercial logic.

Our vision is to inspire Interior Textiles Worldwide and our 10 Year Goal is to work in partnership with our clients to reduce the cost of beautiful fabrics, present them in a more inspirational way and ensure we embrace the opportunities created by a rapidly changing market.